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Storefront Theme Header

Being a store owner, it is important for you to improve and revamp the look and feel of your storefront to ensure that your customers get something new when they return to your store. For this, you need to edit theme’s header and we know that editing storefront theme’s header is not an easy task, especially for the beginners or novice WordPress users. However, WordPress team have now made customising storefront theme header pretty easy. Now, it takes just a few clicks to customise your theme’s header, change the background or colour of the text. So, if you are running a WooCommerce powered store then storefront is the perfect theme for you to use.

Storefront is an intuitive & flexible theme header that can easily solve various issues that one might face while modifying or updating a theme. Storefront offers numerous options in layout and colour that can complement the responsive design while customising your storefront.

In order to avoid conflicts during the development of themes, the WordPress team have created “Storefront Header Picker” plugin that allows the user to efficiently modify a header. This feature rich plugin allows the user to choose a header layout by adding a header layout tab.

Installation of Storefront Header Picke
Storefront Header Picker plugin can be easily installed by downloading it from the official website of WordPress. To install this plugin, simply go to your WordPress admin dashboard and follow the steps mentioned below:

  • click on Plugins tab, select add new and search for Storefront Header Picker
  • Select the plugin from the search results and install it
  • Activate the plugin and it is ready to use

How to Edit Storefront Theme Header
To edit your storefront Theme Header, you need to go through the following steps:

  • First, go to WordPress dashboard, click on Appearance tab > Customise tab > Header tab
  • In Header Layout, three header types are available – Centred, Default, and Compact
  • Next step is optional, if you want to hide the product search bar and the cart items, simply select it in the options
  • In the next step, you will get an option to change the Background, Text and Link colours
  • After making the required changes, click on “save & publish” tab to save and implement the aforementioned changes

Note – Storefront Header Picker plugin will only work for Storefront theme. 

These were the steps that you need to follow to customise the header of your storefront theme. Besides header, you can also modify the colour of background, text and links. Simply speaking, Storefront Header Picker plugin is a single tool that offers hassle-free options to edit your storefront theme header. So, go ahead, install this plugin and give our storefront a fresh and engaging look.



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